Can My Ex’s Political Beliefs/Ideas Impact Child Custody?

Pleasanton CA child custodyThese are difficult times we’re living in, and with the election coming up, political tensions are flaring to new levels. There’s already plenty that feuding or separated parents have to fight about, and these days you can include political ideologies to that list.

Politics have always been an issue, but online discourse contributes to escalate tensions. For some parents, this means growing distrust as one person becomes more and more politically extreme. It can be concerning and downright scary especially when thinking about the safety of your child, which brings us to today’s topic.

How does one’s political beliefs impact custody? Does this give the other parent more grounds to claim for increased custody, or are political beliefs strictly out of bounds for family law courts? The answer, as it often is with CA family law, is that it depends on a few factors.

Child Custody Hearings Focus on the Safety of the Child

The reason there isn’t a clear-cut answer is because proceedings have one goal in mind: the safety and well-being of children. To put it more precisely, here’s the factors that the courts look at when weighing custody decisions: 

  • Each parent’s ability to contribute to the health, safety, and protection of the child
  • The nature of the relationship with the child and each parent
  • The nature of other connected relationships such as siblings and other relatives
  • The mental and physical state of each parent as well as the child
  • The presence or potential for domestic abuse/violence
  • The child’s stated preference (only applicable in some cases)

These are the types of factors that will have a concrete impact on custody decisions. So, if your ex’s political beliefs put your child at any type of risk or danger, and if you’re able to demonstrate/confirm this, the CA family law courts will certainly take your concerns into account. 

Help Protect Your Loved Ones with the Aid of a Qualified Family Law Attorney

Custody proceedings can be unpredictable, and remember that your ex will have his/her own version of the events, as well as legal representation. Don’t walk in unprepared and ensure that all your concerns are properly addressed by recruiting a legal advocate, someone whose sole goal is to protect your interests along with those of your child. 

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