Calling an Expert Witness During Your California Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhen people think of having an expert witness called during testimony, their mind gravitates to criminal cases and possibly civil cases such as those that involve personal injury. Few people associate expert witnesses with divorce proceedings, but did you know that their expertise can be just as valuable in the family law courts? 

While expert witnesses can add value to any divorce, they are especially critical in complicated or complex divorce proceedings. Today’s post outlines scenarios where you may want the input of an expert witness to help steer the case towards a favorable outcome. 

Child Custody Matters

Given how emotional custody disputes can be, it’s often difficult for parents to stay objective. Each parent has his/her version of the events, and sometimes the court may call in an expert witness to weigh in on what best promotes the health and well-being of a child. If you believe your argument can benefit from expert testimony, be sure to confirm with your attorney to get an idea of what to expect.

High Net Worth Divorce Cases

When there’s lots of assets involved, it can be tempting for one party to try and hide some of these assets. A transparent financial disclosure is an important part of the divorce process, but someone who is looking to protect their assets will often get “creative” with the disclosure. 

Expert testimony via financial analysis or the input of certified accountants can help catch discrepancies and dishonest disclosures, and with the help of your attorney can help ensure your divorce is equitable and fair. 

Other Issues During a CA Divorce

Expert testimony isn’t just applicable to high net worth divorces or custody issues. Attorneys may collaborate with other experts such as healthcare professionals, psychologists, government officials, and other professionals to corroborate claims or arguments. 

The weight of expert testimony can shift the balance of a case very quickly, but keep in mind that this is an option that is open to both parties. If not properly prepared, you could find yourself at a disadvantage as a result of input offered by an expert witness. 

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