Does My Boss or Workplace Need to Know About my Divorce?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawA divorce is a highly personal and sensitive matter for most people. Likewise, choosing who to share any details about a divorce is a personal decision that people should be able to make for themselves. 

The impact that divorce has on individuals is tremendous however, and being able to open up to others about it can be important or even required. This is especially true when we’re talking about the workplace. Individual circumstances can vary greatly from workplace to workplace, but there are some key points about your divorce you might want to share with your employer.

Emphasize Relevant Points that Might Impact Work

In general, divorce can greatly impact your schedule, your availability, and other logistical matters. This applies even more when you’re actively working through the divorce process, as you’ll have to account for court dates, appointments with attorneys and other legal professionals, and more. 

You’ll want to be honest with your employer about how divorce will impact your work. Give them concrete, objective details and keep the conversation professional. If you don’t foresee your divorce not impacting your work in any significant way, you can further limit the details to as much/as little as you’d like to share. 

Avoid Discussing These Topics

When divulging details about your divorce to your employer, HR, or other workplace authorities, make sure to stick to only work-related topics and matters. There’s no need to share things such as why the divorce happened, who was at fault, and any other emotionally-charged topics. 

Get the Advice That You Need During your CA Divorce

At the Law Offices of James P. White, we understand that each workplace, as well as individual divore, can vary significantly from one another. Our specialized approach to each and every case ensures that we give every client the attention they deserve. Navigate these and other complex divorce matters with the help of our experienced attorneys.