The Benefits of an Involved Father in a Child’s Development

Pleasanton CA child custodyIn CA, one of the primary tenets behind custody laws and family law in general is a high level of parental involvement from all sides. The family law code often favors 59/50 split custody for this reason, unless there are other factors a play or a child’s well-being is threatened under one of the parents.

Barring that, the courts will often find a way to divide custody evenly and ensure that both parents are involved in the life of the child. The reason for this is that there’s an increasing mountain of scientific evidence that shows how important it is for children to have regular interactions with both parents, even if they don’t live in the same household. 

Today, we’re looking at the positive impact that men have been shown to have in the lives of their children, particularly during key developmental stages.

Highly Involved Fathers Have a Positive Impact In Many Areas

Several organizations have conducted various studies in this area, with many reporting many positive outcomes experienced by children with more involved fathers. One such organization is the U. S. Department of Education, which has found that children with more involved fathers were 43 percent more likely to make good grades.

Other benefits experienced by children with active fathers include higher levels of education and overall higher self-esteem. Other studies have also found that children in this category demonstrate less behavioral issues and are more effective at maintaining strong relationships with others.

This might give you some insight into why, in California, it’s so important for both parents to have the ability to spend time with his/her children. This is particularly reflected by the fact that these benefits occur even when the child’s father lives in a different residence altogether. 

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