Are There any Benefits to Filing for Divorce First?

Pleasanton CA divorce lawyerAt the Law Office of James P. White, our clients ask us about every facet of divorce, right from the initial filing to the last concluding arrangements. Today, we want to talk about the first step in the divorce process, especially because many people have recently inquired about this issue.

Some hope to get an edge by “striking first” so to speak, but as this post explains, the benefits of filing for divorce before your spouse gets to it are secondary rather than directly due to the filing itself.

There are No Major Advantages to Striking First

To put it simply, there’s no legal advantage for the person who first files for divorce in California. In fact, judges are not allowed to make any assumptions based on who did or did not file for divorce, etc. So don’t feel pressured to act quickly simply because you don’t want to be on the receiving end of divorce papers! What matters much more is your overall preparation as your court date approaches.

Being Prepared Always Provides an Edge

We can’t repeat this enough: the person who is most prepared for their day in court is likely to walk away with the upper hand during any divorce! Getting the right legal team lined up, collecting all important documentation, and taking steps to prepare for your changing financial circumstances are all critical steps in ensuring that your divorce proceeds smoothly! There are a lot of moving parts to a divorce, and you should not take any of these steps for granted. Remember, your ex likely isn’t taking any chances either!

Rely on Our Experienced Divorce Attorneys

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