Assessing your Technological Risks During Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyOver the recent years, internet-connected devices have taken over our homes. Whether you’re talking about traditional computers such as PCs, laptops, cell phones, or tablets, or looking at appliances and home fixtures that feature Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, these internet-connected devices pile on quickly.

As convenient as many of these modern devices are, they open up individuals and families to unique risks when it comes to divorce proceedings and other family law proceedings. For today, we’re talking about ways that tech can place you at risk or at a disadvantage when navigating your California divorce.

Here are some instances or situations where an internet-connected device can be a big liability during your CA divorce: 

General login information: If you shared accounts with the ex, or if he/she knows your password to different logins, the ex could wreak havoc before you figure out the problem and attempt to lock down your accounts. Anything from bank accounts to ISP or utility account logins or even social media accounts could be fair game to an angry or vengeful ex.

Unlocked or unsecured smart devices: If you haven’t changed any passwords to things such as lights, the home Wifi network, smart locks, speakers, and other appliances, remember that the ex can still access these devices remotely. He or she can track their usage, mess with the settings, and more. 

Location history and other tracking metadata: Your phone, laptop, and social media accounts could give away a lot more information about your whereabouts than you might suspect. Remember that most of these services are turned on by default, and could be visible to others based on privacy settings. 

Sensitive files and photos in the cloud: Take special care to not save any sensitive info or images in the cloud, especially if they could be used against you. If you do decide to upload sensitive content, make sure the account is fully secured and locked down. 

Protect Your Family and Consult with a Family Law Attorney Today

These are just a few examples where tech can be utilized to hurt you or your loved ones and cause turmoil during your CA divorce. One way to protect yourself is by recrutiing the aid of a qualified legal expert, someone who has handled these and other complicated family law matters. 

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