Ask A California Divorce Attorney: What Should My Divorce Checklist Include?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyMaking the decision to get a divorce is not easy, but once the decision has been made, there is often no going back. Coming to terms with the fact that a divorce is the only option is usually the hardest part for many, and once this hurdle is crossed, many feel as if a heavy burden has been lifted from their shoulders.

With that being said, the divorce process in California is still a complicated and stressful affair. To help ease individuals into the divorce process, we have compiled a brief checklist of things you should take care of before the divorce is finalized. As always, if you need tailored legal advice, know that you can always contact the qualified family law attorneys at the White Oak Law. For now, here’s a few things to include in your divorce checklist.

Separate your Finances and Legal Affairs

Make sure that you’ve severed all your financial and legal ties with the ex. Take steps to create your own bank accounts, get separate credit cards, and secure your own health insurance/other legal benefits. Remember, once the divorce goes through, you’ll want to be on your own and fully independent. Having financial or legal ties with the ex will only complicate things.

Create a Financial Plan

Another thing you need to account for is the fact that you will now be solely responsible for your own finances. You need to take time to map out your budget, figure out your future living expenses, and ensure that you can cover your needs on a single income.

Discuss Child Custody/Visitation with the Ex

In California, it is possible for a divorcing couple to figure out child custody and visitation terms on their own without involving the family law courts. While this is not always an option in all relationships, if you’re able to have a civil discussion with the ex and come to an agreement that works for the both of you, it’s possible to save yourself, your ex, and your children a lot of heartache and frustration later down the road.

These are some of the most essential items that you should take time to check off your to-do list before your divorce is finalized. Finally, remember to consult with a qualified divorce attorney. Don’t rely on “shared counsel” (there is no such thing!) or the family law courts alone to figure things out. You need your own legal counsel, someone who is looking out for your interests, and those of your loved ones, during every step of the way.

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