Ask a CA Divorce Attorney: Keeping Divorce Costs Down

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAs if dealing with the emotional side of your divorce isn’t enough, having to deal with steep divorce costs can be downright demoralizing. Cost is certainly one of the biggest concerns we hear about when we meet with clients. The truth is that divorce costs can range, especially because no two divorces are exactly alike.

We understand that, without an exact figure, it’s hard to get the financial side of the divorce in order. To help with this, we’re sharing some of the most important tips that we have when it comes to keeping divorce costs down.

Tip 1: Be Careful About Being Too Cheap

Avoid shortcuts such as blindly agreeing to whatever the ex wants or skipping out on having your own legal representation. While a hasty approach can help save you money in the short-term, the consequences of your divorce are far-reaching. Saving a little money now could lead to catastrophic financial consequences later, something we’ve seen happen plenty of times.

Tip 2: Visualize Expenses as a Whole, Not As They Come

Remember that everything feeds into the big financial picture, whether it involves asset division, taxes, inflation, and more. Consider the ramifications of all financial decisions as a whole and avoid dealing with them “just as they come” because it’s easier or faster.

Tip 3: Account for Alimony and Spousal / Child Support

Whether you’re the payee or the receiver, make sure that you’re including this into your estimations. If you’re on the receiving end of financial support, make sure you have this in writing and have everything vetted by an attorney.

Tip 4: Cooperate When Possible

Possibly the biggest tip we can give, cooperating with the ex can help save you tons of time and money! Note that this doesn’t mean simply agreeing to everything they want in order to wrap things up quickly. Rather, this means that you need to be open to compromise as well. Being a little flexible can go a long way towards helping minimize disputes, which in turn will help keep costs down.

Consult with a Skilled CA Divorce Attorney Today

Our last tip is that you should always run everything by a qualified legal professional, someone whose sole duty lies in protecting your interests. While these tips offered here are a good starting point to help you plot out your divorce, it’s impossible to account for your individual needs in such a brief blog post.

With that said, we offer free initial consultations and welcome you to call us directly at the Law Office of James P. White to schedule yours! Rely on our skilled CA divorce attorneys for all your family law needs in CA.