Alarming Facts About Divorce That You Should Be Aware Of

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyFor married people or couples planning to get married soon, some uncertainty is normal and the thought of potentially getting divorced is a scary one. Even in cases where a divorce is the best option for all involved parties, the process itself is still painful, lengthy, and expensive. 

So it might be no surprise to learn that researchers have focused a lot of their attention on risk factors and variables that are likely to lead to divorce. Here’s a few alarming facts that they’ve uncovered, though do keep in mind that statistics can only paint a general picture as each couple and situation is unique.

How Your Commute Places Your Marriage at Risk

A long commute is dreadful by most people’s standards, and can sour your entire day or even week. Long commutes are such a negative experience that they can even cause a rift between you and your spouse. Researchers based in Sweden found that any communites over 45 minutes in length each way shot the risk of a divorce significantly. 

Extravagant Weddings Tied to Higher Divorce Rates

A wedding is a huge occasion, and many people plan for this event for years and in some cases even decades. While this is an understandable approach considering the importance of the event, researchers suggest that a low-key wedding might be better for your marriage’s long-term health. They’ve identified a link between higher wedding and engagement ring costs to higher rates of divorce. Considering finances are often one of the biggest catalysts for divorce, perhaps this is only a logical finding. 

Cohabitation Might Lead to Higher Divorce Rates

Cohabitation before marriage has been increasingly popular and is hardly taboo these days. In many ways, this seems like a solid idea: live with each other and figure out whether this is a working living situation before taking the big leap. 

Interestingly, researchers have recently shown that couples who cohabitate before marriage are more likely to get divorced within a decade of their marriage. This higher rate of divorce does not seem to be present in couples who were engaged at the time of moving in.

Cigarette Use and Divorce

Cigarette use is steadily declining in popularity and even social acceptance, with many workplaces outright banning them from the premises. In terms of divorce rates, researchers have repeatedly found that cigarette smokers have higher rates of divorce than those who don’t smoke cigarettes. 

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