Addressing Custody Issues When a Parent is a Habitual No-Show

Pleasanton CA Child Custody attorneyCustody orders define when and how each parent spends time with their children after a divorce. Custody orders often define parameters such as visitation schedules, specifics on how far each parent can travel while the child is under their care, how much financial support each parent is entitled to, and more. 

Custody orders are designed to ensure that all parties are able to have a healthy relationship and spend quality time together. They are a great tool to be leveraged when both parents are engaged and willing to work amicably towards the interests of the child.

Not every parent is as engaged, however. We often hear about parents who are chronic no-shows, fail to honor their end of custody issues, and don’t seem to prioritize their relationship with their child. In these instances, there are a few options at your disposal, with most of these centering on a formal modifical request with the family law courts. 

Requesting a Modification via the CA Family Law Court

Under CA law, both parents are entitled to request a child custody modification request. When both parents are aligned, they can submit an uncontested modification request. This is usually reviewed and processed by the courts without too much back and forth. 

However, when both parents don’t agree, one or both parents can seek to pursue contested proceedings. In these proceedings, a judge reviews your case. This is your opportunity to demonstrate to the courts how the ex is unreliable and unwilling to follow through with the currently-established parenting plan. You can often expect to get some backlash from the ex, who may come prepared with his or her own receipts. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate these disputed proceedings on your own.

Our CA Family Law Attorney Help You Implement Custody Modifications

When your ex is a constant no-show or simply unreliable in following the current custody/visitation arrangement, a custody modification might be the right thing for your family. Our reputable attorneys are here to help you make the changes that make sense for you and your loved ones, as well as advocate for you in contested proceedings. We take the time to collect all pertinent information and present the facts in a clear, effective manner. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with any and all CA custody and family law issues.