What is Spousal Privilege in CA?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawIn CA law, spouses are entitled to confidentiality when it comes to any private communications between both parties. In a legal sense, this means that a spouse may not be compelled to testify about these private matters to a court of law. The idea behind this is that it helps foster spousal harmony and prevents situations where one spouse is condemning the other, etc.

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Getting Divorced Under 30? What You Need to Know

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyFor many people who get divorced before hitting 30, they can feel like they’re in an especially unusual situation. After all, no one plans to see their marriage end so quickly and most people hope to get married for the long haul. Having this type of outcome quickly can be a strong emotional blow, though it’s worth noting that there are some advantages to this scenario. As with anything, there are also unique challenges to consider. 

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Should You Supervised Exchanges in Your California Divorce?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAfter a divorce, many parents are surprised to find that co-parenting with the ex is a fairly smooth or straightforward affair. However, other parents aren’t so lucky. Many have to endure exchanges rife with conflict, stress, fear, and more. In these situations, there’s a few options that parents can consider looking into, primarily in the form of supervised or monitored exchanges. 

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