Requesting a Custody Modification: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Pleasanton CA child custodyOnce a judge makes a custody order, the decision isn’t set in stone forever. In fact, custody modifications are fairly common, and we typically see parents request modifications every 2-3 years. Reasons for requesting a modification can include changes in circumstances such as if one or both parents move, one or both parents get a new job with new hours, or even when one parent refuses to comply with the current order.

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How Divorcing an Addict Can Carry Additional Challenges

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyAddiction is a difficult struggle not just for the addict, but for his/her loved ones as well. We often see the toll that addiction takes on a marriage, and in many cases the problem only gets worse over time. In some cases, people are able to fight their addiction via approaches such as 12 step programs, but unfortunately relapses happen and the cycle continues.

At some point, a person has to choose between staying with a spouse who is suffering from a worsening addiction, or leave the marriage for their own sake. For today’s post, we want to take a look at the unique struggles and challenges faced by someone who is trying to leave a marriage where addiction is a problem.

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