Digital Infidelity: An Increasingly Common Trend in California Divorces

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhen people think of infidelity and unfaithfulness, they think of a physical transgression between their partner and a lover. At least that’s what cheating was traditionally regarded as. However, over the last decade or so, digital communications have begun to expand people’s conception of infidelity.

With the rise of social media, smartphones, our and always-connected lifestyles, we’ve seen major changes to the way people interact with one another. Likewise, the way in which couples see cheating or infidelity has changed as well. This post explores the concept of digital infidelity a little more closely, especially since it has proven to be just as toxic to a marriage than any other form of cheating or unfaithfulness.

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Will My Ex’s Student Loans Impact My Divorce Proceedings?

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyCollege debt continues to be a major burden for Americans everywhere, and recents stats have shown that most college grads carry over $30,000 in debt by the time they hit the workforce. This can complicate things in marriages and divorce proceedings because, as we have seen time and time again, finances are often a major source of resentment and conflict between spouses.

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