Jan 2019
1st Jan 2019

Ask A California Divorce Attorney: What Should My Divorce Checklist Include?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyMaking the decision to get a divorce is not easy, but once the decision has been made, there is often no going back. Coming to terms with the fact that a divorce is the only option is usually the hardest part for many, and once this hurdle is crossed, many feel as if a heavy burden has been lifted from their shoulders.
1st Jan 2019

What Happens when a Custodial Parent Passes Away?

Pleasanton CA child custodyWhen people think of child custody modification, this conjures up images of bickering parents who can’t see eye to eye. However, there are other reasons that might lead to a custody modification in California, such as when a custodial parent passes away. The death of a parent is always a traumatic experience, further worsened by the uncertainty of the future that the child now faces.
1st Jan 2019

Holiday Co-Parenting Tips

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyThe holidays are upon us, and while this is often a very exciting and joyous time for many, the end-of-year festivities can also be a source of frustration and sadness for divorced parents and their children. Disputes involving who gets to spend time with which parent/child are a common occurrence, and there’s no magical solution that is sure to guarantee the happiness of all involved parties.
1st Jan 2019

Parents with Physical Disabilities and Child Support

Pleasanton CA child supportIn California, parents are required to pay child support until the child turns 18 and legally becomes an adult. While parents can implement agreements that extend the duration of child support payments, there are virtually no options when it comes to terminating benefits early, and for good reason. This ensures that the child has all of his or her financial, medical, educational, and housing needs covered at all times.
Nov 2018
29th Nov 2018

Your Responsibilities as a Custodial Parent

Pleasanton CA child custodyAs the parent who holds primary custody over a child, the custodial parent has a lot to account for. In simple terms, the custodial parent is ultimately responsible for everything involving child's physical and legal needs. This can be overwhelming for a lot of new or newly-divorced parents, which inspired us to write this post.
29th Nov 2018

Does a Person’s Career Choice Impact their Likelihood of Getting Divorced?

Pleasanton CA family lawStaying in theme with our last post, we want to spend some time looking at how career choices can impact divorce rates. After all, people spend most of their time at work. This begs the question: can a person’s career choice increase or decrease the chances that they’ll get divorced?
29th Nov 2018

Recent Study Suggests Link Between Cohabitation and Increased Divorce Rates

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyFor this post, we’re taking a second look at a bit of conventional “wisdom” that has been passed around in recent years. These days, many couples opt to cohabit together before they get married. The idea is that this helps couples feel out whether they are compatible, making marriage a smoother transition. Premarital cohabitation is a popular practice, giving weight to the idea that this approach is effective.
29th Nov 2018

Tips to Help You Secure the Alimony that You Deserve

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhile a divorce often means a fresh start, it also means moving forward without the household income that you and your family relied on up until this time. It can be difficult to manage all financial obligations on a single income, especially if your spouse was the primary breadwinner.
Oct 2018
30th Oct 2018

Ask A CA Family Law Attorney: Child Custody and Felons

Pleasanton CA child custodyThose who are convicted of a felony in CA can expect to face a variety of life-long consequences in regards to employment, eligibility for federal aid, housing, and more. However, many people ask about one other area that isn’t always so clear: child custody, visitation, and other family law matters. In other words, are felons able to retain child custody and visitation rights?
30th Oct 2018

Tips for Teens and Older Children Impacted by Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyMost of our blogs are geared towards adults and parents, but teenagers also have to endure traumatic events such as divorce and major transitions in the family. For this post, we decided to compile a set of tips geared for younger readers. Major life events such as the separation of parents can be especially traumatic for younger adults, and it’s important to acknowledge this as they often feel alone and lost while their parents continue feuding.
30th Oct 2018

How do I Choose the Right Lawyer for My Divorce?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAs many of our clients have experienced firsthand, protecting your interests is imperative during divorce proceedings in California. The attorney that you choose to represent you will play a large role in shaping the outcome of your case, and the decision of who to retain as your legal representation should not be taken lightly.
30th Oct 2018

Cohabitation Agreements in California

Pleasanton CA famiy lawCohabitation between unmarried partners is on the rise across the United States. Many couples are choosing to live together without formally getting married, and those who do want to get married often see cohabitation as the first step towards marriage.
Sep 2018
30th Sep 2018

Will Allegations of Abuse Impact my Child Custody Dispute?

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyWhen allegations of abuse or domestic violence are on the table, most people assume that these issues will have an effect on their child custody dispute, as well as other pending divorce proceedings. However, they don’t always understand how these issues are handled by the courts, and might be uncertain about what to expect during the upcoming hearings.
25th Sep 2018

Student Loan Debt is a Destructive Force to Marriages Across the Nation

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyNobody said marriage was easy. Navigating some of life’s hardest challenges with another person can be difficult, especially when it involves finances and the burden of debt. This is only made worse by the fact that, on average, young people are burdened by even more debt than previous generations.

What this translates to is more complications, more fights, and more divorces. For this post, we’re talking about the ways in which student loan debt continues to impact marriages across the nation, as well as covering a few ways that can help you and your partner maintain a strong relationship even in the face of financial adversity.
14th Sep 2018

What are the Grounds for Getting an Annulment in CA?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAt the Law Office of James P. White, our clients often ask us about annulment as an alternative to divorce. Many people don’t have a clear conception of what annulments actually are, or how they work, so we decided to spend some time exploring this issue in today’s post.
4th Sep 2018

How Being in Business with Your Partner Impacts Divorce Proceedings

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyOver the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of divorces that involve two business partners. This type of divorce “arrangement” carries its own unique set of implications and complications, which inspired us to write up this post.
Aug 2018
27th Aug 2018

Dealing with Uncooperative Children during Visitation

Pleasanton CA child supportMany divorced parents have been there: instead of following through with visitation arrangements, your child would much rather throw a tantrum or argue with you. Maybe they don’t want to be bored at the other parent’s home, or maybe the visitation schedule is getting in the way of previous plans.
27th Aug 2018

Digital Infidelity: An Increasingly Common Trend in California Divorces

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhen people think of infidelity and unfaithfulness, they think of a physical transgression between their partner and a lover. At least that’s what cheating was traditionally regarded as. However, over the last decade or so, digital communications have begun to expand people’s conception of infidelity.

With the rise of social media, smartphones, our and always-connected lifestyles, we’ve seen major changes to the way people interact with one another. Likewise, the way in which couples see cheating or infidelity has changed as well. This post explores the concept of digital infidelity a little more closely, especially since it has proven to be just as toxic to a marriage than any other form of cheating or unfaithfulness.
27th Aug 2018

Should I Opt for A Contested or Uncontested Divorce in CA?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAt the Law Office of James P. White, we are often asked about options for divorce. The truth is, not all divorce options are equal, especially under different circumstances. For this blog post, we’ll be looking at the two primary types of divorce in California: contested and uncontested divorces.
27th Aug 2018

Will My Ex’s Student Loans Impact My Divorce Proceedings?

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyCollege debt continues to be a major burden for Americans everywhere, and recents stats have shown that most college grads carry over $30,000 in debt by the time they hit the workforce. This can complicate things in marriages and divorce proceedings because, as we have seen time and time again, finances are often a major source of resentment and conflict between spouses.
Jul 2018
31st Jul 2018

Ask a California Divorce Attorney: What Are The Biggest Factors that Lead to Divorce?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyFor this blog post, we thought it would be interesting if we examined the root causes for many legal issues and complications involving family law in California. Namely, what are the biggest factors that lead to tensions and conflict between married couples, which eventually spirals into a divorce?
25th Jul 2018

Re-Tying the Knot: Things To Know When Getting Back with the Ex

Pleasanton CA divorce lawyerAlthough we deal with divorce on a regular basis, we also often lend our expertise to clients who are getting married, especially for those who are looking to get re-married with an ex-spouse. This is often a cause for celebration and in truth, reconciliations are more common than many people assume.
15th Jul 2018

How Virtual Visitation Helps Divorced Parents Bridge the Gap with Their Kids

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyAfter a divorce, many parents report that the biggest challenge they face is the distance that often forms between parents and their children, especially when the other parent holds primary custody. This distance can be an obstacle when trying to formulate an effective parenting plan, and even when parents are willing to work together, physical distance makes logistics that much more difficult to work out.
6th Jul 2018

Defamation and Divorce: How Does it Work in California?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce can often be described as tense, hostile, and downright rage-inducing. It’s not surprising, given the nature of the conflict, but people can often say or do things that go too far. Name-calling, nasty accusations, and false allegations are just some of the things we’ve seen surface during the typical divorce proceedings.